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Giving teens and parents a new perspective that allows them to get what they want-
without pissing each other off!  Skills and practical tools that help teens and parents
to easily manage conflicts.

Hi...   My name is Malia. I just finished writing an eBook for teens that I want you to know about, because this information has made such a huge difference in the way my parents and I communicate.

    Being a teen doesn't have to be so hard.  "How To Get Anything You Want From Your Parents, ANYTIME” is a quick-start guide to help you and your parents navigate the years from your first party to your first car. In a voice teens will relate to and parents will appreciate, I offer a different way to communicate and a new way to understand each other.

    Because both my parents are communication specialists, this subject is easy for me to talk about.
I never realized how valuable communication was until I was at a friends house and saw how much they struggled with their parents.   Recently, I overheard a conversation between my friend and her mom that made me think about the misunderstandings that happen ALL the time between teens and their parents.   I decided to write a book that gives teens and parents tools they can use to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings easily.  

    I hope this book helps you understand why you are the way you are, why you communicate the way you do, and what you can do to make things go smoother when dealing with each other.  I was 16 when I wrote “My Parents Push My Buttons,” and now, years later, I see even more clearly how much of a difference these tools have made in our family.  I recently updated my original eBook with new information, new stories and my new perspective, this newer version is now named, "How To Get Anything You Want From Your Parents, ANYTIME”  -   I hope you enjoy it and get tons of value from it!     

How To Get Anything

YOU Want

From Your Parents,

ANYTIME! (eBook)

Malia's book is incredible!  I just read it cover to cover and feel completely enlightened by her wisdom!  
I want to share it with the world... we all need this book!  I'm posting this on Facebook and Twitter right now!

~ Kelly Sullivan-Walden, President  

Women’s National Book Association-  LA Chapter

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